How does MyStimmi help agencies and schools?

  • Because the parent or guardian owns the account, they control the security and access.
  • MyStimmi can be customized to contain information that your agency, school or workplace needs and shared with employees to help with training and communication. Documents and forms that need to be filled out and completed weekly or monthly can be uploaded into the individual’s MyStimmi Care Plan for easy access.
  • Instead of bulky binders and paper folders, MyStimmi gives you a secure, online cloud-based product that is easy to edit and update, and can be accessed anywhere, at any time on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and can be shared with your entire Care Team. It is a much more manageable system than the traditional paper binders and paper notebooks.
  • New team members can be trained efficiently and have up-to-date and consistent information, which helps provide an extra layer of security and safety.
  • Through Team Messaging, members of different agencies can share updates and information. This helps streamline information sharing. 
  • Support agencies are overworked and many times understaffed. It’s not always easy to get everyone to a team meeting. Think of MyStimmi’s Team Messaging as a daily check in meeting! Now when a situation occurs or a new skilled is learned, everyone is up to date and on the same page.
  • Watching personalized training videos help staff get to know the individuals they are working with better. When people read written instructions they can interpret them differently. Watching videos eliminates this and gets everybody on the same page!
  • Stimmi’s emergency section prepares caregivers, so they can positively impact and help our individual in an Emergency Situation. It empowers them with techniques to de-escalate situations, effective words to use, and helpful information they can provide to a first responder. Giving your Care Team awareness and strategies can turn a potentially bad event into a positive experience.