How did Stimmi get started?

Deb’s son, Evan, has autism and is nonverbal. Deb spent countless hours teaching others about Evan, acting as the main source of information and communication between all his caregivers and his support agencies.  Deb worried that if something were to happen to her and her husband, how would Evan be taken care of?  Who would understand him?  All that information would be lost. Deb had an idea to take all her knowledge about her son and put it into an organized digital form and share it with others. Deb reached out to her longtime friend Laura Berkner.  As a physician assistant that has provided care for children and adults with disabilities, Laura had seen the problems that arise from inconsistent cares and poor communication.  Laura has flipped through pages of outdated paper files and binders when seeing patients and has been frustrated by the inability to connect with others on the care team. 

Together, Deb and Laura took their experiences and knowledge as a parent and a medical provider and to solve these problems by creating