Stimmi | Who We Are

My name is Deb and my side-kick, Laura, and I are the creators of Stimmi. I am a mother of 2 adult boys and my oldest son, Evan, has autism. Laura is a Physician Assistant, has 4 children and spent most of her kid’s early years as a single mom.

In German the word for voice is “stimme”. We thought Stimmi was the perfect name for our company because Germany was the place where my son became non-verbal and later diagnosed with autism. This is the place where the journey began.

Little over a year ago my younger son came to our house to babysit his older brother. When I started listing all the things to do with Evan while I was gone, my younger son said to me, “You should have this in a notebook or something, how am I suppose to know all this?”

For the next several months that statement haunted me. How is he suppose to know all this information, how is anyone suppose to know all of this?

One day at a stop light it hit me… I need to put all of Evan’s information in one place: a secure website. The more I thought about it the more I thought, “Heck, we should do this for all the families out there caring for their disabled child.” I sat down with my friend Laura, shared my vision and together we created Stimmi.

When you have a disabled child, you fear “What happens to my disabled child when I die, or if I am unable to care for them?” This is why we are so passionate about Stimmi. Our heart is to serve the most vulnerable, those without a voice. We want to empower families to have a plan in place. This is who Stimmi is.