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Account Owners

Account Owners

Parents and Account Owners have full access to their loved one's profile and can utilize the Stimmi Website for account management. Additionally, account owners enjoy the same features available to caregivers when using the Stimmi App.


The Stimmi Mobile App provides caregivers with "Read-Only Access" to the profile as well as Active Messaging in order to ensure quality care and proper communication with loved ones.


Why Stimmi


Stimmi helps caretakers give consistent care by providing them with a detailed history of the disabled person.


Stimmi helps caretakers better understand those they are caring for by providing extensive details in both written and multimedia formats.

Up to Date

Stimmi helps caretakers stay up to date on the people they are caring for by providing current information on medications, allergies and more.

Up to Speed

Stimmi helps new caretakers get up to speed on the normal routines of those they care for through the easy-to-use Stimmi App.


Stimmi provides a digital copy of the daily plan most parents keep in a three-ring binder. This helps protect the information.

Life Plans

Stimmi helps caretakers develop all-encompassing life plans that include everything from daily routines, to medications, allergies, and other pertinent information.


Stimmi was created as a tool to be used throughout an individual’s lifespan which helps future caretakers better understand the nuances of those they care for.


Stimmi provides an online platform for all pertinent information relating to a disabled person, which makes it easily accessible to caretakers 24/7.

Life Plan for the Lifespan

Stimmi was created as a tool to be used throughout an individual’s lifespan. The database contains necessary elements of a life plan. You take all the information saved in your paper binders and save it online for easy accessibility. Whether it is used as a training tool with a new caregiver at a group home, help when a child starts school in a new classroom, help military families stay up to date with their child when a service member is deployed or used to help with respite care, Stimmi is there to help support your team and the individual.