Stimmi Debuts At The Wisconsin 28th Annual Autism Conference!

Deb and I recently had the pleasure of attending the 28th Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Autism Society as exhibitors to launch Stimmi. Wow! What a great event! The conference was extremely well organized and attendees were excited to be there. We had such a great time talking with parents, children, teachers, social workers, therapists, business owners, exhibitors and many more. Everyone was joined together in this search for information, different resources, comradery, connectedness and FUN! By the time Sunday hit, we didn’t have much of a voice left from talking so much! And boy, did we learn! We learned about exciting new support and services. We also met Temple Grandin who signed some books for Stimmi to give away later (stay tuned)!

Deb and I bring different experiences to Stimmi and together, as a parent and a medical provider, we were always able to find something in common with the lovely people we met. We were so excited to talk to anyone and everyone about Stimmi because we truly believe this will help people. Help families, help therapies, help schools, help kids and help adults. We felt the love back! People caught our vision and picked up Stimmi cards to share back in their community. We hope those cards continue to make their way into hands who need them! – Laura Berkner, Co-Founder