• Profile – Save and share demographic information and specific personal information through question/answer and notes to the caregivers.
  • Contact List – robust list with profile picture, multiple phone, email and address fields. You can call or email directly when accessed from a phone.  
  • Health and Wellness —  Contains health care professionals information, dietary issues, prescription medicines, supplements, pharmacy information, therapists, food sensitivities, specialized diets, recipes and more.  
  • Safety- Outline any health, safety or behavior with video, pictures and explanations to the care team. Each entry is taggable and searchable. plus, the emergency section provides an action plan for caregivers and first responders to help assists your loved one, in their time of need, including reaching contacts directly from your MyStimmi Care Plan.
  • Emergency section– Provide an action plan for caregivers and first responders to help assist your loved one if needed, including reaching contacts directly from your MyStimmi Care Plan.
  • Video Library — Create and share short instructional videos of your loved one to inform your entire Care Team.
  • Agencies, School & Work — Organize all the support agencies in you loved one’s life. Include links to their websites, email and phone
  • My Files — Keep all your important paperwork, copies of your health insurance card, IEPs, care documents, PDFs, videos, and documents about your loved one in one centralized, organized place.  My files is your electronic filing cabinet.
  • Team Messaging — Communicate in one place and in real time with the Care Team. The messaging board shares updates and insights.

No. MyStimmi does not help to find or recruit caregivers. We have created a electronic Person Centered Care Plan to help support the individual, their family, and the professionals that work with them.

Stimmi offers a “free trial” but does not offer a free version. MyStimmi’s purpose is to help caregivers understand the ones we love. Our loved ones deserve the best. We offer a 30 day trial of the Care Plan to see if this will help you and your loved one.   THEY ARE WORTH IT!  

No. MyStimmi.com is not meant to track therapy. MyStimmi is a support tool used to train caregivers and to help caregivers understand the ones we love.  You can however, put a website link to online forms or save copies of documents to print and use.

  • Because the parent or guardian owns the account, they control the security and access.
  • MyStimmi can be customized to contain information that your agency, school or workplace needs and shared with employees to help with training and communication. Documents and forms that need to be filled out and completed weekly or monthly can be uploaded into the individual’s MyStimmi Care Plan for easy access.
  • Instead of bulky binders and paper folders, MyStimmi gives you a secure, online cloud-based product that is easy to edit and update, and can be accessed anywhere, at any time on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and can be shared with your entire Care Team. It is a much more manageable system than the traditional paper binders and paper notebooks.
  • New team members can be trained efficiently and have up-to-date and consistent information, which helps provide an extra layer of security and safety.
  • Through Team Messaging, members of different agencies can share updates and information. This helps streamline information sharing. 
  • Support agencies are overworked and many times understaffed. It’s not always easy to get everyone to a team meeting. Think of MyStimmi’s Team Messaging as a daily check in meeting! Now when a situation occurs or a new skilled is learned, everyone is up to date and on the same page.
  • Watching personalized training videos help staff get to know the individuals they are working with better. When people read written instructions they can interpret them differently. Watching videos eliminates this and gets everybody on the same page!
  • Stimmi’s emergency section prepares caregivers, so they can positively impact and help our individual in an Emergency Situation. It empowers them with techniques to de-escalate situations, effective words to use, and helpful information they can provide to a first responder. Giving your Care Team awareness and strategies can turn a potentially bad event into a positive experience.

Team Messaging brings everyone in the individual’s Care Team together to communicate. Similar to an online forum or messaging board you set up topics specific to the individual. Everyone can see the same information and follow topics. Professionals, parents and care team members can communicate securely within messaging.

Messaging can act as a virtual daily check-in, eliminate playing phone tag, having long email strings or getting stuck in a group text message that doesn’t apply to you. Share important insights to provide the best quality care.  

Finally, email summaries keep you in the loop by sending messages you may have missed.

Yes. You can be a caregiver to more than one person and can easily navigate between accounts.

Fully responsive –
the account can be used on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Click on the “Sign Up” tab. Once you have completed the registration page and put in a method of payment, an email confirmation will be sent to you for two part account verification. You will need to click the link in the email to return to the website to set up your MyStimmi Care Plan. If you do not see the email with your confirmation link, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

To help you set up your private Care Plan, you will receive a series of emails with “How To” tips. You also will have access to our Online User Guide for help instructions and videos.

Your MyStimmi Care Plan is a personal secure website and is password protected. All caregivers’ access requires a password as well. Each user has to be personally invited, BY YOU, to view your loved one’s Care Plan. You can add a caregiver or delete a caregiver’s access at any time.  We use this product for our own family, and we take your privacy and security very seriously. We host MyStimmi.com on Amazon Web Services. We have the power of Amazon security supporting our product

Deb’s son, Evan,
has autism and is nonverbal. Deb spent countless hours teaching others
about Evan, acting as the main source of information and communication between
all his caregivers and his support agencies.  Deb worried that if
something were to happen to her and her husband, how would Evan be taken care
of?  Who would understand him?  All that information would be lost.
Deb had an idea to take all her knowledge about her son and put it into an
organized digital form and share it with others. Deb reached out to her longtime friend Laura
Berkner.  As a physician assistant that has provided care for children and
adults with disabilities, Laura had seen the problems that arise from
inconsistent cares and poor communication.  Laura has flipped through
pages of outdated paper files and binders when seeing patients and has been
frustrated by the inability to connect with others on the care team. 

Together, Deb and
Laura took their experiences and knowledge as a parent and a medical provider
and to solve these problems by creating MyStimmi.com.

  • Your secure MyStimmi.com account
  • Caregiver view of an individual’s MyStimmi Care Plan along with Team Messaging. It is free for your entire Care Team to use
  • User Guides to help parents/guardians set up the MyStimmi account
  • User Guides to help caregivers know how to use MyStimmi.
  • Online community to share your tricks and tips
  • Organizing someone who is keeping all their information in paper forms – binders, files or folders and is looking for a more efficient, mobile and manageable solution
  • Starting a new school or training new teachers and aides
  • Moving to assisted living, group home or nursing home
  • Transitioning into adult services
  • Teaching medical cares such as wound care, feeding pumps, tracheostomy care and more
  • Training respite care workers or caregivers
  • Training job coaches and support agencies
  • Military life or when individuals move frequently
  • Working with multiple agencies and creating better communication across agencies and Care Team
  • Coordinating care and communication for an aging parent
  • Guardians who are tired of explaining their loved ones needs over and over to new caregivers

MyStimmi Care
Plan compiles personalized information about an individual’s;

  • Safety, behaviors, and triggers
  • Routines and preferences
  • Health/Wellness and dietary issues
  • Multiple support agencies that are in the individuals life
  • Supplements, medications and pharmacies

Once an individual’s Care Plan is set up, it is used to train caregivers and communicate with one another in one central location through the use of:

  • DIY instructional videos on how to provide support and care for the individual
  • Care Team communication through the use of a messaging board with email summaries that keeps everyone up to date
  • It can be easily used on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Autism
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Medically fragile individuals
  • Home-bound individuals who require assistance
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Elderly who require assistance 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • ANY individual who needs assistance and care
  • …uses are unlimited

MyStimmi Care Plan can stay with the individual when they move, change schools, switch agencies because YOU own the account.  You don’t have to worry about leaving your data behind.

Since your plan is digital, it can be continuously updated and is completely portable.  No more lugging paper folders, binders and notebooks around!

MyStimmi is the only Person Centered Care Plan designed for individuals with complex assistance needs and multiple caregivers in their life.  It replaces paper folders, binders and notebooks that are cumbersome, confusing, hard to update, difficult to haul around and not caregiver friendly.

In German the word for voice is “stimme.” Stimmi co-founders Deb and Laura believe in the power of a voice. ALL individuals deserve to be understood by those caring for them.

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