Who would use STIMMI?

STIMMI is intended to help Parents and Guardians of individuals with special needs ensure their care and support team understands them and can communicate with each other in the same place.

How do I get started?

  • Sign up for a free trial today.
  • Update the profile
  • Invite the care team to create their secure access
  • Start sharing!

How does it work?

Parents and Guardians complete the on-line profile within the website. They then invite support team members such as therapists, teachers, job coaches, family members to have access of the information. Through the use of the IOS and android apps, the care team can communicate securely with each other.

What is the messaging?

Stimmi’s messaging section tears down the silos of communication allowing communication across different venues.  Now job coaches and therapists can see the same information and share important insights to provide the best quality care. Parents can set up communication topics that are relevant to them.  You can get notifications of new messages through email or the Apps.

What makes STIMMI unique?

With the Video library, videos are uploaded to SHOW and Tell important information about the person. The use of videos cuts down training time, eliminates misunderstanding and fosters better, safer cares.

What is the cost?

Stimmi is available as a monthly subscription of $19.95 per month for the primary account with a 30 day free trial. Caregivers use the apps for free.

What about security?

Security is very important to us. Each account and each user has to create a password protected access.  Account owners can decide who sees the data by inviting and uninviting caregivers.  The information is hosted on a secure server.

 How does this help agencies?

Through the messaging, different members of agencies can share updates and information. This helps streamline information sharing. With the use of personalized training videos you create, they can train staff members and bring them up to date faster. Parents can keep forms in the My files section that they need to complete and mail monthly to agencies.

 Can I track therapies?

Stimmi is intended to help explain a person’s needs and WHO they are. There are no specific areas to track therapies at this time. You can link your therapy tracking data into your Stimmi Account

Who would use Stimmi?

  • Any person that needs extra help can use this platform.
  • Any Age
  • Any special need.
  • If you have the need for additional cares or support, Stimmi can help keep you connected.

How did Stimmi get started?

Deb Thompson and Laura Berkner are co-founders of Stimmi. Deb has advocated for her son with autism for 26+ years. Laura is a physician assistant in primary care. As parent and professional, they have both seen the issues that happen when a person with special needs is not able to express themselves. Parents want the best for their children and want them loved and understood. This is why we are so passionate about Stimmi. We created Stimmi to be a life plan to help those who are unable to care for themselves.

Why the name Stimmi?

In German, the word for voice is “stimme”. We thought Stimmi was the perfect name for our company because Germany was the place where Deb’s son became non-verbal and later diagnosed with autism. This is the place where the journey began…