“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  I came across that quote today by Maya Angelou.  It just resonated.  Let’s be honest, change is hard. We can get stuck in the status quo and it works “good enough”

Several years ago, we had a crisis in our house just 30 days before moving into our new house.  Gone was the careful planning, the luxury of time to think about where I wanted things put away or what I wanted to keep and donate.  Instead, my village circled around us and moved us into our house.   Friends and family rallied and helped us. It was great!  On the other hand, I could never find what I needed and often had to hunt through drawers and shelves and boxes.   An entire truck load of my belongings were donated by mistake and the intended donations were put nicely away in my basement. Things were arranged in what made sense to the person unpacking a box.

I was grateful for the help.

Status Quo

Time went by, because life was happening.  The crisis was over, life was on a different path than we had first envisioned and life moved on.  The house wasn’t perfect but it was good enough to get us through. It became the new normal.  It wasn’t quite right, and it didn’t work well but it was what I grew used to


Finally, one day I had time and decided to rearrange the kitchen and store things where they made sense to ME.  The dishes were moved closer to the dishwasher.  I swapped my silverware and utensil drawers.  I rearranged the pantry.   I took the time to think about what works for me.   I sorted and cleaned and donated. I tried to be thoughtful about how to set up for not just today but for the future. My son had always loved a certain bowl because of childhood memories – today he has it and uses it with joy.

Change was good!

You know what?  Initially, it is hard to change.  I kept reaching into old places – the silverware drawer was no longer there and I had to retrain myself.  Looked for that bowl to mix up my pancake batter and realize it has been re-gifted…and that is mighty fine by me.  I love my organized kitchen.   I can find things, I am efficient in my space.  I am surrounded by what works.  Even better, it works for my husband who has started to enjoy cooking (yeah me!)  I had to retrain myself and get used to the new system.  Change can be hard. Breaking habits can be hard.  But the effort was absolutely worth it.


So, as you go through change, know that I am with you in spirit.
You GOT this!

– Laura